Links and such

These are great People who have helped me.
Please check them out.

A collection of travel blogs. If you like my blog, please visit this site to see some of my friends' blogs. Raf, Sharri Jo, Fletcher and many more adventurers!

Giant Loop
My luggage came from Giantloop. They make rugged soft luggage for adventure touring on lighter enduro motorcycles.

Technical riding gear for snow and moto. The best of the best!

KTM Twins
KTM Twins is out of San Francisco. Most of my KTM 690 parts (for my 1st moto) were ordered through them. They have everything to make the 690 into an unstoppable adventure machine!

SuperPlush Suspensnion
KTM specialists. These guys made my bike (1st moto) ride like it should under weight.

Rally Raid Products
Rally Raid Products out of the UK made the aftermarket fairing, tanks, bash guard, radiator guard and many more bullet proof parts for the 690. Rally Raid helped me out so much when my 1st moto was stolen with parts, a shop, food and even a place to stay.

Cobblestone Cabins
Mom and Dad's resort in Tofte Minnesota.