Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 1-4: The start!!!!

Wed April 4th was my last day working for a few years. Over the past 5 years I have worked on a dozen wind farms in 7 different states. Blattner Energy and the wind industry have been good to me.  As of now 5 days into my trip, it feels like I am just on a long weekend. This is what I am leaving behind:
Sunset Over the Mojave

All suited up in the Arcflash gear for transformer testing.

Day 1 (4/5/12) 229 miles.
I made it 5 miles into Mojave before my 1st stop. Stoken Donuts is a must stop for anyone traveling through Mojave. They guys there are amazing and they serve great breakfast and lunch. I recomend the the soup and deli sandwichs for lunch. You probably will not be able to finsih it. It was very windy leaving Mojave (go figure) so I was happy to get on the Angeles forest hwy. This is a great twisty road on a bike. I recomend it. I had so much fun leaning the bike over I didn't take any pictures. Day 1 ended in San Diego at Ryan's house. I averaged 49 mpg the whole day!

Ryan Has a sweet KZ1000 he is building right now. Good luck bud!

Day 3 (4/7/12) 219 Miles
After 2 nights of fun in San Diego it was time to head north. LA trafic sucked. Luckly in CA you can split lanes. I know I know, its dangerous but I would rather do that then have some cidiot rear end me in his beamer. Sushi for dinner in Malabu. I spend the night in a hotel 6 near Santa Barbara. Averaged 44 mpg due to the stop and go in LA.

Day 4 (4/8/12) 383 miles.
Was on the road by 7:00. Took HWY 1 all the way from Santa Barbara to San Fransisco. It was cold in the morning so I was bundled up and had to turn on the grip heaters. Afternoon was nice and it got cold again in the evening for the last 80 miles or so. Finished up the day with clam chouder and muscles at "The Old Clam House" in SF. Couch surfing to keep costs down. Thanks Megan
Great breakfast in Lompoc CA.
Looking south at Morrow Bay and HWY 1.
Hwy 1 south of Big Sur. There was to much traffic... still a fun ride.

Big Sur Inn. Great breakfast.. but they don't serve lunch!?!?!?
Dinner at "The Old Clam House"

Day 4: (4/9/12) SF
Bike is at SuperPlush Suspension ( Getting stiffer springs and revalve. I have a 950 ADV as a loaner. Fun bike... lots of balls! Tomorrow or Wed I continue up the coast! Next post will be Lost Coast/Humbolt action!
My Loaner. Fun bike.


  1. So fun! And thanks to all your delicious food pictures, I am STARVING. I can't remember, are you traveling on your own or with buddies? How much gear is your bike loaded with?

  2. Hello Noah, we meet this afternoon in Cuffy's Cove cemetery, CA. We are the 2 French girls. Again we wish you good luck for you trip and hope to see you in Paris. Vivianne and Isabelle

    1. I am getting close to Paris. Please email me :)

  3. I vote the french girl post is really Noah, trying to make everyone jealous.....

  4. Si pasas por Alicante(EspaƱa mediterranean sea) contacta conmigo,!!