Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seattle Area and Baker Closing Weekend 2012

April 26. Day 21. Nordland, WA to Marrysville WA.

I left Bjorn's house in Nordland about 10:20 in the morning. The plan was to meet up with Chelsea Grace in Bremerton but construction and traffic added 45 minutes to my 45 minute ride. Sorry Chelsea, I'll see you in Montana in June! After riding across the Tacoma narrows bridge I rode up to Marrysvills, WA to Brad's house. Brad sent me an email on (screen name Uller) that he had shopspace and a couch to crash on. We had my bike torn apart in no time at all... and back together by midnight. Heated jacket outlet installed, oil changed, valves checked and error codes cleared. My valves clearance needs to be between .07 and .13mm. 2 exhaust valves and 1 intake were at .08mm and the other intake was at .09mm. Brad really knew his stuff. I am so thankful for all the help people have given me already. The duel-sprot/adventure rider community is a very tight knit family. Brad, you rule! Thanks man! 

Brad the Man!

Projects. Projects. Projects.

Checking my Error codes. Notice the YZ (blue dirtbike), M7 (sled), and ktm 690 in the background. Long lost brother maybe?

What the 690 looks like with the Valve cover off: checking valve clearance.

April 27. Friday.
Marysville, WA to Seattle to Bellingham WA.

Late start from Brad's house at around 1:00 in the afternoon. The mission was to talk to Capita Snowboards about the board I broke at Bachelor Mountain. The guys at Capita were super cool and hooked me up with a new Totally F'kn Awesome Board (that's the name of it!). The guys at Capita rule. They technically didn't need to help me out but they did. Thanks again. I left Seattle and made it to Bellingham in the evening and got a hotel room. Bjorn showed up around 8:30 and we went out driking until 2 AM.

All Loaded Up!

April 28 Saturday at BAKER!
The road to Baker was a dry, twisty and fun 45 minute climb up to the mountain. Bjorn followed me in his car and took some video. We were on the hill by 12:30 and rode until closing. The sun was out for most of the day and the snow was good. On the groomers it was heavy and fast but off trail it was sloooooowwwwww. The park was closed so we found some fun hits in other places. We camped in the parking lot next to an awesome couple Garth and Kat. They had the coolest little pup. The party in the parking was a good time but apparently 1/4 of the size of previous years. It rained all night but the bonfire was warm. Once again my tent performed amazing in the rain. It's a Sierra Design Lightning HT2. For some reason the discontinued it. When I find an issue, I will post. So far there are none.

Some kids trying to get a trail 70 started. This was my first moto!

Coolest VW I've seen in a long while. 


Bjorn and Kat

Long exposure of the lodge at 2 in the morning

April 29 Sunday, Closing day at Baker.
Hot coffee and little sizzler sausages on the BBQ help us forget about the rain. Around 9:00, Kelly Stoltz pulled in from Seattle. We decided to grab a bloody while the weather figured out what it wanted to do. Mount Shuksan is such an amazing mountain to look at while getting ready. The lodge didn't sell alcohol until 11:30 on Sunday so we had some red beers with PBR in the lot. By 11:30 the sun was bright and hot. Time to ride! By the end of riding Sat and Sunday, I have about 25 minutes of video footage to sort through. I should be done with an edit soon (fingers crossed). Bjorn and Kelly had to drive back to Nordland and Seattle so we stopped for a quick burger then they left. I stayed the night at Emily's house in Bellingham. Great effin weekend!

Cloud level was low at 7:00 am when I woke up. 

Bjorn sleeping in the car

Another cool adventure rig. Diesel 4x4 ford van. 

Brings back memories.

"wild" life


Characters welcome! This guy could rip on the telli skis so hard.  

So good.

Come on SUN!

I see you!

Feeding the birds. I know it was bad.. but it made for some sweet video. 

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