Monday, September 3, 2012

Ireland and part of the UK


I did a bit of touring in Dublin when I was bikeless. The most interesting place was the Irish history museum which is located in an old army barracks.

This is where the American ambassador lives. Next time I'm staying there.

The Barracks

Guns from the 1916 rising

An engine from a B-29 bomber that went down over Ireland during WW2

Irish military pajamas.

This is the ship that brought guns from Germany to Ireland during WW1 before the uprising.

A street performer

Very talented street artist

Tuna melt. It was super!

August 16 Loughshinny to Enniscrone 190km

Peter and I set off the morning of 16th on a KTM 640 and a confused BMW 800 (it thinks its a KTM) Our plan was to take the less traveled path. The thing is about Ireland, the less traveled paths are often paved. Even if they look like a 2 track because moss has grown in the center. Try to avoid the center when on a moto.

First we put SOME of the places on the map that had offered a place to say. Then we played connect the dots with places we wanted to go.

Peter and I at his house



The long Womans Grave

This brings back memories to my old 640. I sold her to my cousin Milo to help fund the trip.

Lunch. A smoked sausage quiche.

This is very funny.

The view from the Ceol Na Mara B&B

Ceol Na Mara's website

August 17. Enniscrone to Valentia Island. 454 km.

After crossing Ireland east to west in 1 day, it was time to do north to south. So after a great "traditional Irish breakfast" we headed south. We found some beautiful mountain lakes and roads on the way. The weather was amazing for us. Lots of sun.

Boston's Pub. They pour a good Guinness.

Having a few Pints with Jackie and Brian

"Transatlantic Telegraph cable laid in 1866 between Valentia Island and Newfoundland"

The Atlantic Villa was originally the cable master's house. It makes you wonder what kind of voltage they had to induce on one side of the ocean to see it on the other side.

This is a copy of a paper from when the Telegraph cable was finally put in.. on the 4th try. They had a painter/sketch artist do all the pictures for the paper. The Atlantic Villa's website

August 18. Valentia Island to Watergrasshill. 248 km

Woke up with another amazing traditional Irish breakfast. I think I will have to get back to oatmeal soon! We plotted a course that took us over 4 or 5 different mountain passes on the way to Gunner's house. Lots of twisties to keep us happy! Lots of sheep also. Peter would wake them up then they would run in front of me.

Those are people surfing.

This is Gunner. He is a very good person. Don't let him tell you different.

August 19. Back to Peter's house. 340 km

We met up with a friend of Gunners to some of the mountains on the way back towards Dublin. It rained most of the day and I only took a few pics. Only one made the cut.

August 20. Peter's to Northamptionshire UK (Rally Raid Products UK)

We missed the first boat at 8:05 because I don't know how to set an alarm. We made the second boat at 8:50. It was the fast one. So.. 2 up with all my crap, we decided to see Wales on the way. Wales looks amazing and I really need to go back some times. We had a schedule to keep so here are a few shots I took while we were moving.

This is a Gypsy wagon... haha

Paul from

For the next week I was working on the "new" KTM 690. A 2008 with 16k miles on her. She has been from South Africa to the Arctic Circle. We will call her Katriana. John and his wife Liz have given me a place to stay, food, a shop to work on the new 690 and many parts to get her ready. John's shop would make any man (or woman) jealous. Liz Is a great cook and I was never hungry. I even had a few moments to see the local wonders. Check out more of John's handy work at Rally Raid Products

1/2 of a tank mold for the new tanks

Working on another part of the tank mold.

This bike has the new prototype tanks from Rally Raid Products. They were machined out of a resin for fitment.

My "new" KTM

New tool tray where the airbox used to be

Getting the wiring sorted

New mounting bracket for the HID ballasts



This is where the used to keep the zeplin. It WAS the largest building in the world at one point.

This is for my dad.

2/3 of the puppies that John and Liz are taking care of right now.

This picture was taken of Katy M shortly after she was recovered. I got the call that she was recovered when I was literally putting the last screw in Katriana. The only part that is irreplaceable is the top of the fairing. The bastards took it off.

John gets the honors of starting the new list.

Just about to start again. THANKS JOHN and LIZ!

Now I am caught up to about 3 days ago. I am currently in Scotland and its very pretty, the people are great and the food is amazing. It does cost me $50 to fill up the bike though. I guess I will need to start camping more. 


  1. Noah! I hope the world is treating you well :))
    Just catching up with where you're at... I hope you're having a good time!! Life has been good to me, I am approaching 1 year of sobriety and I'm due to have a baby girl on my dad's birthday--feb 19th! I'm going to name her Lillian :)

    Safe travels! Miss ya!
    Kenzie Blattner

  2. Glad to hear your bike was recovered. Applecross on the North West coast of Scotland is worth a visit.