Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Czech Republic and Austria

I got into the Czech republic on the 2nd of October and didn't leave till the 10th. I spend 3 nights in Nova Paka, 2 nights in Hradec Kralove, and 3 nights in Prague. Unfortunately, I woke up on Saturday the 6th I woke up with a cold and it took me a few days to shake. 

Nova Paka October 2nd through 5th 
In Nova Paka, I met quite a few distant relatives. My grandmothers cousin and her offspring (most of them) still live in the area. Some of them speak English and some of them only speak Czech. I have met some of them in the US at different times in my life. It was a good time catching up with everyone. I got to see a private collection of old old bikes and cars (all pre 1920) but I was asked not to share the photos on the internet. There were some old Skoda and Praga cars, some Praga, Jawa, excelsior auto cycle, and a crazy Arial "square 4". They were all beautiful. 

My Dad's second cousin.

My Grandmother's cousin. She is cooking for me because "I look hungry"

Traditional Czech meal

My Grandmother is the little girl. This is a photo of the old photo.

Most of the extended family.

Ms. Czech Republic.

Hradec Kralove October 6th and 7th
I went to Hradec Kralove on Friday and the plan was to see where my grandmother had lived and see some other relatives. I saw the house my Grandmother was born in. We went out on the night 5th in Hradec Kralove to have a few beers. I knew that night I was getting sick so I only had one beer. In the morning I woke up sick. Sinuses full. Feel like shit. I spend the 6th and most of the 7th sleeping and eating soup as spicy as I could handle it. The evening of the 7th I went into Prague.

A 2 stroke Trabant 
The Center square in Hradec Kralove

I was told this is the building my grandmother was born in. 

Pevnost Josefov is an old fort from way back. The village was used for military during WW2. This plaque is dedicated to 3 men who had to flea from the communist state. The bottom guy is my dad's uncle. This is who my grandmother came to the US with.

Prague/Praha October 8th through the 10th
I went to Prague Sunday night. I had a free place to stay in a flat. I had a place to park the moto also. It was down a flight of stairs in the basement of the apartment building. The stairs had a ramp but it was so slippery the bike slid the whole ways down on the tire. Luckily we kept her upright and I was walking her not riding her. The next few days I rested and tried to get well. I spent and afternoon walking around Prague. Would have been nice to see more, but I wanted to get over the sickness. 
This is Tomáš and part of his family. He let me use a flat he owns for a few days and gave me an auto tour of the city. 
St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.

A coldwar era Russian built computer chip.

Playing "all along the watch tower"

"city of 100 towers"

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle. 
In side St. Vitus Cathedral.

View from Charles bridge.

For the Simpsons fans out there. 

On the tram. It comes really really close to the cars.
Kunta Hora and the "bone church" Sedlec Ossuary October 10th
I left Prague Wednesday morning and headed to Kunta Hora. The Czech map I had downloaded for my Garmin kept making it crash which was a HUGE PITA. But, I made it to the church. It was interesting and i'm glad I saw it. The info said there were more then 40,000 people buried here. I suggest you see it for yourself if you are ever in Cz.

There were 6 or 7 of these piles of bones. 

Wounds sustained during the Hussite wars 1421-1424. These people died.

Some of the people kept living and you can see healing of the skulls. Proof that some of them lived.

Vienna October 10th and 11th 350 km
From Kunta Hora I took 2 lane roads to Vienna to see my friend Lukas. He is a HUGE motorcycle and car guy so him and I had lots to talk about. He is also part of the "Husaburg Adventure Team". He and 2 others (with the help of SherriJo) set the altitude record on a motorcycle in Chile this past winter. Lukas gave me a place to stay for 2 nights, near new tires (a TKC 80 front and T63 Rear), a garage to work in and some great food. While Lukas was working, I got a personal moto tour of Vienna with a guy named David who contacted me and said to call him when I was in Vienna. He gave me a picture book that has already come in very handy when trying to communicate in languages that I don't speak.

Lukas and I 

This Husaberg has been higher elevation then most people will ever go. Now it sports supermoto rims. 

Old and new front tire. 

"New" on the left. Waiting for a few more kms before I switch her out. 

David and the picture book

October 12th. Vienna to Bad Gastien 515 km
I was on the road by 8:30 on Friday morning on the way to the KTM factory. I took motorway the 300 or so km to get to Mattighofin (KTM holy ground). Unfortunately  on a Friday the factory closes down at Noon so I was not able to tour the Factory. From there, I went south over Lienbachsattel pass. The Fall colors were amazing. I stayed the night in a hostel in Bad Gastien. Dinner was over-priced Chinese food. It was good.. but not worth the money.

All loaded up to leave. 
Holy ground. Her birth place. 

October 13th Bad Gastien, Austria to Laggio di Cadore, Italy 191 km
The day started missing the 10:20 train through Tauernschleuse tunnel and had to wait for the 11:20 train. Down to Plöckenpass into Italy. On the south side of the pass, the road is basically cut into the cliff. Once I was in Italy, the weather started to turn. I went over a few more passes on the way to a Hotel in Laggio Ddi Cadore. Dinner was at a Pizzeria. 

These guys were going searching for snow 

Waiting for the train

Fall colors were quite nice in Astria

I thought this was going to tip over so I thought I would help. 

Quality here.
Changing out the rear for the "newish" tire at the hotel. 


  1. Great trip you are doing! You've got to see the coastal road in southern Albania while you're over there. This and many other 9maybe inspiring) trip reports on my website www.coyotetrips.com
    Cheers from Oregon,

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  3. I "found" you on the internet and I'm slowly reading through your diary.
    Glad to see you were in Austria (I live in Vienna). But one thing: It's "Bad Gastein", not "Bad Gastien".
    Best of luck on your future endeavours, take care and "Gib Gas!"

    1. Thanks man. I must have fat-fingered that one on the keyboard. Cheers, Noah