Monday, December 17, 2012

WRC Espania and My Birthday

Nov. 8 Manvilla Spain to Manzanares Spain. 478 km.
I was still riding with Craig and Adam from Morocco. The other guys were still in Morocco because the weather wouldn't let the Ferries cross. We lucked out and were on the last ferry the night before. Craig needed to get his Triumph running right and I desperately needed to change the oil in the KTM. Malaga just so happened to have a KTM shop and a Triumph shop. By 1:00 we were back on the road heading north. We made it to Manzanares about the time it started to get dark.

Great place to change oil.. No?

I really like this peddler. 
Nov. 9 Manzanares to Vinebre Spain. 553 km.
I split up with Craig and Adam and went east toward Barcelona. Long day. Just trying to cover ground to get to the WRC rally. November 9 was the first day of 3 for the rally. It was the only day with dirt stages so I missed those unfortunately. 21 Euro for a small private room and a garage for the moto at a hostel in Vinebre. They even had great food and cervesa. The Hostel

Nov. 10 and Nov. 11 WRC Rally Espainia
I was up with the sun to get on the bike and get to a good viewpoint. Having a moto means you can take tracks to the side if the rally that most people cant. Saves you from walking a long distance. Thorough prior planning is necessarily and will save you lots of time getting to a good vantage point. I took 1600 photos. About 50 of them were good enough to post. The rally was truly amazing. These guys can drive so well.

This is Chris Paterson (co-driver for Petter Solberg) and he is checking out my KTM! :)

S├ębastien Loeb Your 2012 WRC Champion (and for the last 9 years)

Not your average Ford :)

Only the fast guys could catch air here.
Nov. 12 Vinebre Spain to Asson France. 337 km
Before Morocco I left all my camping stuff and warm cloths at Keith's house. So after leaving the rally I went north back into France. On the Spanish side of the Pyrenees mountains it was warm and sunny. When I went through the tunnel to the French side there was snow on the ground. It was a cold ride to Kieth's house without my warm under layers.

Looks cold on the other side...

The French side of the tunnel. Hard to believe 7 days earlier I was in the Moroccan desert sweating. 

Nov. 13. Asson France
Took all day to share photos with Kieth and try to get caught up on blogs and such

Nov. 14 Asson France to Comillas Spain. 432 km
Nice sunny day. I left Keith's house and did motorway most of the way to Comillas Spain. About 1/2 way to Vigo Spain. I wanted to make it to Vigo for my birthday.

Nov. 15 Comillas to Vigo. 521km
My 29th Birthday! First one out of the US. I had a nice ride to Vigo along the northern coast and through some mountains in northern Spain. I like traveling in Spain because I can speak (some) Spanish. I made it into Vigo just before the sun went down. There was a huge protest for the banks in the streets. It was very loud and crazy. I found some good live music that night at a local bar.

Snow in the mountains. This pic doesn't do justice. 

Nov. 16, 17 Vigo Spain.
I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday. I met some good people and had some good times. I did some exploring of Vigo but most of it was at night. I found out that singing an amazing American song like "Heart Breaker" by Pat Bennatar in a Spanish karaoke bar doesn't work very well. Despite the epic karaoke fail, I still had an amazing birthday weekend.

The view from the top of the hotel. 

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