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October 18th - 23rd.
I knew I needed a new radiator so I began searching before I got to Masuyama. As it turned out, KTM Japan could not find me one locally. They said it would be a week before I could get one from Austria. I emailed my friends at Rally Raid Products and TorqueRacing in the UK. They had a spare laying around they said I could buy from them. They sent it on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. I was not planning on staying at Takayuki's house over that weekend because he was going on a motorcycle trip with a few of his friends. But as it turns out, it was actually good for both of us. I looked after his dog for a few days while he was gone. So for 2 days, 3 or 4 times a day I'd walk Chappy.

Chappy and Takauki

Takayuki let me use his Super Cub 90 for parts runs and such. I worked on the bike a lot since I had the time waiting for the radiator. I made a switch panel for the top clamp and rewired/regrounded some of the charging system. I also found a few spots in my wiring harness that needed to be protected from rubbing.

The last few days Takayuki was back, we went out everynight. Since he was a bar owner, he knew many other bar owners in Matsuyama. There was even a "Bar Noah".

Matsunyama Castle

I wonder what this is?

My favorite whiskey is Pendalton. I was surprised to see this poster in Takayuki's bar. 

Someone is sleepy


Saved by the Ramen.

Finally on Tuesday the 22nd, my Radiator arrived. Its funny that I say "finally". 4 days from the UK to Japan and much cheaper then buying it in Japan. No worries. I had to fix the fan shroud. This was the reason the radiator failed in the first place. The fan shroud has 2 tabs on the bottom and a bolt on top that keep the fan/shroud in place on the radiator. Vibration had basically killed the 2 tabs on the bottom so there was nothing keeping the shroud from vibrating on the fins of the radiator and sooner or later.. it was destine to fail.

Fixin' stuff. 

Mr. Japan

Takiyuki's sweet GS. 

He had 9 bikes or so :)

A sweet track Buell and Husky. 
Takayuki's friend owned Duluck Motorcycles. He did custom work and also built/raced drag bikes. He was the one who welded the crack in my stainless exhaust.. at no cost. Like Russia, if you have 2 wheels, you are a brother. Cheers dude!

A girl owns this bike. 

I'd like to meet her :)

Love the style.
Good dude. 
Finally the bike was done and it was time to go. I had to make tracks if I wanted to make it to MotoGP... and that's I did.

Of course.. I decided to leave as another typhoon hit land.

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