Sunday, February 2, 2014


I landed in Seoul on Friday evening without a plan. I had no hotel, hostel or couch to surf on. Luckily the airport had wifi so I was able to find a cheap hostel (15$) in Itawan area. This was walking distance from the Thai embassy which was the main reason for me to go to Korea. That and a cheap flight. A flight through Korea with a few day layover was cheaper then a direct flight to Bangkok. The hostel was clean and was being rebuilt by a handful of very cool Serbians. Over the weekend I found out just how easy it is to kill time in Seoul. Going out in the evening quickly turns into going to bed at 3:00, 4:00, or 5:00 in the morning. On Saturday night, I had the interesting situation of sharing my 6 bed dorm room with 5 female English teachers from around the world. They wanted to go out drinking and I'm a fan of beer... and smart ladies. So I joined them. It was another late night.
On Monday I went to the Thai Embassy to get a visa. I had heard I won't be able to import the moto into Thailand on the visa you receive at the airport. I didn't want to take any chances. I was hoping I could get the Visa back the next day because that was my flight. They said it would be 2 days so I had to change my flight to Thursday just to be sure. I explored the city with a new friend from Chile named Lalo. He was early 30s and had lived in Korea 7 or 8 years ago. He was big into photography and film so it was fun doing some of the tourist stuff with him.

View from the roof of the hostel. 

Gas masks in the subway.

Traditional Guards.  

These 2 were in an English class. They had an assignment to have a conversation in English with random strangers. It was fun to talk with them. 

Lalo and his Fisheye

Golden dragons on the ceiling  

They were shooting a movie or commercial or something. 

Someone important I think. 

Old block carving for printing press.

I was born in Year of the pig. 

Yes. these are exactly what they look like. 

Old and new

I got my visa on Wednesday and I flew out on Thursday in the afternoon. Ready for Thailand. Not ready for the heat though.

My home for the next 6 hours.

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